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We are great at boosting your event and marketing campaigns by creating highly engaging interactive experiences using unique technologies.

Due to COVID-19, we see an increased demand for contactless and non-physical technologies in various business sectors.

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Our client base has involved projects with international companies based in the Middle East - We work directly with clients as well as with agencies.


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ECHT Managing Partner Denis Kruger

Denis Kruger

Managing Partner

ECHT Head of Creative

Andrej Mienkus

Head of Creative

Stephan Jahrling

Head of Development

Tom Scheduikat

Head of Technology

ECHT is a Dubai based company that has thrived over the years by working with up and coming new technologies. We are working with local and global blue-chip companies as well as with leading ad agencies to develop interactive event experiences and marketing campaigns.

Our team of German experts specialises in merging the digital with the real world to engage and increase customer reach. We develop web, mobile and desktop apps using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Gesture and Proximity-based technologies.


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