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Nike Jordan – Store Opening Booking Platform

Technology: Web and Software Development

To mark its inaugural store opening in Dubai, Nike held a grand promotion. In the heart of the city, Nike staged an unforgettable spectacle at the Frame Dubai. More than 700 LED drones lit up the night sky, performing an impressive show that left spectators in awe. These drones were used to animate the iconic Air Jordan Logo, a symbol recognized by sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. The magic didn’t end there; the drones went on to choreograph a QR code in the night sky, which linked to our online platform for the store’s opening week.

ECHT developed a streamlined appointment booking system for the store’s opening. This system offered a range of time slots to choose from, ensuring maximum capacity management for a comfortable shopping experience. Visitors could easily secure their spot by scanning the airborne QR code, which led them to our online registration platform.

Upon successful booking, visitors received a confirmation email containing a unique QR code for accessing the venue, making the process seamless and secure. To further ensure authenticity, we developed a staff QR scanning web application. This facilitated verification of each visitor and the specific date of their appointment, promoting an organized and efficient event.

To oversee the entire process, we created an admin panel. This allowed us to control, maintain, and export all data related to the event, ensuring that backend operations ran as smoothly as the customer experience.

The response to our efforts was nothing short of phenomenal. Within the first week alone, we received over 25,000 bookings, an overwhelming testament to the excitement surrounding the opening of Nike Jordan’s first store in Dubai.

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