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Horizontal Digital

AR Hologram, Avatar Designer and NFT Creator

Technology: Augmented Reality, Web and Software Development

Horizontal Digital is a globally-renowned consulting agency that specializes in the development of media strategies and the creation of innovative digital experiences. With a presence in multiple markets worldwide, Horizontal Digital is well-positioned to provide its clients with the latest and most relevant digital solutions.

In March, Horizontal Digital had the opportunity to exhibit and showcase its services at the Sitecore World Tour event in Dubai. To capture the attention of attendees and demonstrate its expertise in cutting-edge technologies, the agency created the #ComposableChallenge, which leveraged trending web technologies such as NFTs and Web Augmented Reality holograms.

ECHT developed a web app and online platform that allows users to participate in challenges and create their avatars, which are then transformed into NFTs. The aim was to provide visitors with an engaging, educational, unique, and entertaining experience that highlights Sitecore’s innovative products, a core pillar of Horizontal’s technology.

We created four AR holograms featuring Horizontal’s key speakers, who presented the products, followed by Q&A games to evaluate understanding. Players could customize various parts of their avatars by successfully completing challenges. The agency designed custom-branded props and accessories for the avatars resulting in thousands of possible combinations. After the final challenge, the personlized avatars were unveiled in a public gallery and shared on social media. The entire experience was conducted online and required no additional app or plugin installation.

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