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Fine Hygienic Holding

Fine GERMINATOR - Augmented Reality Game

Technology: Augmented Reality

Fine Hygienic Holding is the biggest tissue manufacturer in the Middle East. The company employs 4,000 employees in more than 5 countries, owns 5 paper mills and more than 8 converting plants.

Fine was re-branding and revamping their Facial Tissue brands with a primary focus on hygienic. The aim was to drive awareness of their hygienic processes as a point of competitive difference and to help de-commoditise their category. Fine has received an endorsement from the Family Hygiene Institute (American wellness body) to certify that theirs is the most hygienic tissues in the region.

To build awareness on Fine’s hygiene POD and new endorsement, we developed a fun and engaging Augmented Reality (AR) game that appeals to its millennial customers.

Every Fine Box contains tissues infused with SteriPro magic, making it almost impossible for Germs to break in! This has infuriated the Germ emperor, and in a desperate attempt, he has called upon his elite Germ Squad to launch an all out attack! This is where we need your help, Soldier! Use the SteriPro magic imbued in our new boxes to help destroy the Germ Squad and protect you and your loved ones!

Fine Germinator - Augmented Reality Game 1 Fine Germinator - Augmented Reality Game 2 Fine Germinator - Augmented Reality Game 3

Do you have what it takes to be a Fine Germinator?

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