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Department of Health

Department of Health, National Day Event – QR Photo Wall

Technology: Mobile and Web App Development

The UAE Department of Health commemorated the UAE’s 52nd National Day with a special event at their headquarters in Abu Dhabi.  For this celebration, they sought a socially engaging and interactive experience.

ECHT developed an interactive installation: a QR Photo Wall, designed in the colors and shape of the UAE national flag, was prominently displayed on a 10-meter LED screen in the main hall. Visitors and employees were invited to scan the QR codes with their mobile, which directed them to a web-app for taking and uploading selfies. These photos were then displayed in full size on the screen for a few seconds before transitioning to the position of the scanned QR code. Collectively, all the images formed a large mural of HH Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates.

This unique mural, composed of all the uploaded photos by participants, was later featured on various social media platforms. It showcased not only the unity among the employees but also the overall success of the event.

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