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Contactless Technologies

Why Contactless Technologies

We believe now is the best time to integrate contactless technologies in your business. We developed a few concepts and technologies that can work magic in your next campaign or event. With these, we can equally create a unique and further promote a greater experience and engagement in a touch-less way. Some of the concepts can be used and distributed remotely.

Interactive Photo Wall

Interactive QR Photo Wall - Department of Health, Abu Dhabi

Interactive & Contactless Media Station


With the Interactive & Contactless Media Station, visitors can use their mobile device to control information on a screen in a store or at an event. We used the latest web technology to develop the best user experiences. No download or installation required.

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multiplayer arcade games


Engage and entertain visitors at your event with timeless classic multiplayer arcade games. Health and safety precautions are ensured as visitors use their own mobile to control the game.

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Gesture Technology

Porsche GT3 RS - Leap Motion Demo

The gesture-based technology (Leap Motion) allows users to communicate with a computer and interact naturally without physically touching any object.

Using the concept of gesture recognition, they can control an application or game by using their hands or even just fingers. The gestures are natural and are based on the actions we do in everyday life.

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Augmented Reality

contactless technologies VR Cardboard

Through the latest Augmented Reality technology, we can promote or explain your product, project, or any real estate development and allow you to connect with people around the globe. AR works with a dedicated mobile app or web app without any installation required.

Given the example, brochures or invitations can be used as a marker. The user scans it and brings it to life. Augmented Reality can also perform without any marker, it works by using the environment.

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VR Cardboard

contactless technologies VR Cardboard

Invite your customers into the world of Virtual Reality (VR). This works simply by placing your phone into the VR Cardboard.

Using the VR app, it opens a whole virtual world when held up to your eyes. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds. They can move the head around, and the images will respond as if they are in the same place as what's displayed on the screen.

An example is exploring the streets of Paris while viewing the surroundings in a virtual reality that reacts to the actual position in space.

Beacon Technology

contactless QR technologies

Beacons are low energy Bluetooth transmitter which broadcasts tiny radio signals containing unique, location-specific data. Smartphones constantly scan for these signals. If they enter their Beacon radius, the app automatically responds.

We use proximity-based technology and smart Beacons to push contextual information to the customer’s mobile device in your area. The app provides location-based information like the current position on the map, text, images and videos. The visitor will receive this information instantly while he walks around the area.

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Sensor Technology

contactless sensor technologies

With the use of our custom “development board” and sensors, we can create interactive experiences without any physical contact. These sensors can react to motion or distance and programmed to respond accordingly.

By detecting motion in a defined area, guests are welcomed on a screen while approaching it. With distance sensors, the visitors can control the content on the screen by hovering the hand over the activation area.

This technology can be smartly integrated into your stand or activation area to attract and engage visitors in contactless, hygienic ways.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI - Real-time Mask Detection

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is modular and can be integrated into various kinds of applications.

Using the latest AI frameworks, we can detect the people wearing a face mask in real-time (see POC video). The mask detector could potentially be used to help ensure everyone's safety in your event.

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