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Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a live view of the real-world environment were elements are digitally overlaid. Augmentation is performed in real-time, overlaying supplemental information such as videos, text, images or 3D elements in a live camera feed.

Customers can experience Augmented Reality in two ways. The first is application-based AR, while the second is web-based Augmented Reality. While app-based AR offers greater functionality, Web AR is far more accessible and user-friendly as it works right in the mobile browser (try our Web AR demo), making it a more effective solution.

We can help you to develop the best Augmented Reality experience for your customers.

Augmented Reality & Art

Augmented Reality (AR) can transform art exhibitions by allowing viewers to interact with artworks through their mobile devices, adding layers of digital information or immersive experiences. AR can also enable artists to create dynamic pieces that change and evolve over time, offering a new form of expression that blends physical and virtual elements. Additionally, AR can enhance educational aspects of art by providing contextual information, artist interviews, and historical details directly alongside the artwork, enriching the viewer's experience and understanding.

Web Augmented Reality - Gallery Eden, Dubai Mall

Web Augmented Reality - AR Gallery, Nissan KSA

Augmented Reality Game Development

We develop customized Augmented Reality games based on your needs. AR Games can help promote your products and marketing campaigns, and engage new customers in memorable, gamified ways.

AR Game Development Projects

Augmented Reality for Products and properties development

Augmented Reality apps can boost brand awareness and business in various ways. Promote your brands and properties development, and stay connected (locally and remotely) with your audience using a custom developed AR mobile app.

With the help of our advanced AR technology and development, we can bring your content to life and make it interactive.

AR Products and Properties Development Projects

AR Car Markerless Tracking - Porsche Mission E (demo)

Augmented Reality Car Tracking - Infiniti QX50 (demo app)

Augmented Reality Product Overlay

Augmented Reality Example product overlay

Web Augmented Reality for Brochures

Through the latest Augmented Reality technology, we can promote your project, real estate development or products and allows you to connect with people around the globe.

AR enhances static content by making it interactive, providing additional information for users. Using your brochure as an example, the user launches an app and simply scans a static image such as pictures or text. It is then overlaid with interactive information like 3D models and videos, bringing your content virtually to life.

An augmented 3D model gives an immersive 360° experience while offering the ability to explore and discover. In the app, the customer can focus on specific points of interest and find hotspots with additional information. The user can also directly contact your customer service team and book appointments or get more information about the product.

Web Augmented Reality Invitation apps

Augmented Reality Example Invitation

Augmented Reality Camera apps

We can develop an Augmented Reality camera application, where users can take photos with any character (animated and non-animated).

In the app, the visitor can choose his favourite character. Our advanced AR technology allows placing the selected virtually character into the real world, by simply drag & drop - Ready for a snapshot! The final snapshot can be branded or turned into a customised ‘Polaroid’ which can be printed out or shared on social media.

Augmented Reality Camera Demo

Augmented Reality Camera apps

Augmented Reality Example camera app

AR Camera apps - 'Polaroid' print out

Augmented Reality Example camera app polaroid print out

Augmented Reality Effect Filters

We have the technology and Augmented Reality (AR) development skills to create branded Facebook or Instagram effects. Simply download and install the Augmented Reality effect through the Facebook or Instagram app. We will provide a range of AR options to choose from. The selected item will be overlaid/augmented onto the person's face or around them in real-time.

The users can share their branded photos with a #HashTag around the world. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand.

Augmented Reality Effect - Facebook Filter

Augmented Reality Example Facebook Filter

Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Augmented Reality for Doctors

Medical topics can be much easier to understand when a healthcare expert explains medical terms. An AR information app can provide a 3D doctor in Augmented Reality and include information on a range of healthcare areas with additional links to medical sources. Using AR, we can help doctors educate healthcare professionals and explain complex topics in new and interactive ways.

Augmented Reality app - Main Menu

Augmented Reality Doctor application

Augmented Reality Mode

Augmented Reality Doctor application

Augmented Reality for Physiotherapists

An Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application can help and support physiotherapists by working remotely. Patients can easily download the app from the mobile store and find relevant exercises. Each task can be explained and elaborated through a video. For a greater experience, the user can drag and drop the 3D animation of the video into the real world and view it in AR.

This application can be a very powerful tool for teaching and educating patients anywhere in the world.

Augmented Reality Example for Physiotherapist

More Augmented Reality Use Cases

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Interactive Business Cards
  • Brochure
  • Property Development
  • Email Invitation
  • Events & Roadshows Activations
  • Museums, Galleries
  • Product Promotion or Demonstration
  • Real Estate Development
  • Healthcare, Doctors & Physiotherapists

ECHT - The AR Development Company in Dubai

ECHT is a Dubai based AR development company working with new technologies. Since 2012, we successfully developed Augmented Reality application for agencies, companies and government sectors.

We offer unique AR development services for mobile and tablet devices using the latest Augmented Reality marker and markerless tracking technology.

Our projects vary from marketing apps and game development, to product promotion and explanation over AR presentation and training. We provide AR technology services to the automotive, F&B, entertainment, medical and many other business sectors.