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Gesture Technology

What is gesture-based technology

The gesture-based technology (Leap Motion) allows users to communicate with a computer and interact naturally without physically touching the object. This technique enables a three-dimensional input.

Gesture-based systems offer new ways to interact with digital content and to control it. Using the concept of gesture recognition, you can control an application or game, by using your hands or even fingers. The gestures are natural and based on the actions we do in everyday life.

Porsche GT3 RS - Leap Motion Demo

How can Gesture based Technology be used

Visitors can discover your real estate project or product with a gesture-controlled interface. To achieve a futuristic, immersive experience, we use the latest gesture-based technology on the market.

Explore the 3D elements with simple hand gestures to control and navigate through the content and the 3D model of your product or project. The user can virtually point, tap and hover over hotspots to receive specific information, as well as rotate, zoom and manipulate the 3D model in 360° in front of a big screen.

Gesture based Technology Use Cases

  • Event Entertainment
  • Malls
  • Museums
  • Product Promotion or Demonstration
  • Showrooms

Gesture Technology Example -  leap motion

Dubai Police HQ - Interactive Gesture Installation

Gesture Technology Example -  dubai police gesture based interactive installation

Dubai Auto Motor Show - Interactive Gesture App

Gesture Technology Example -  gesture based interactive installation Dubai Motor Auto Show

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