Proximity Based

What is Proximity Based Technology

Is the localized wireless distribution of information associated with a particular place. Transmissions via beacons can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary device and application to do so.

For example, it can fetch content that is tied to a user's profile or location. Apps can also push to the cloud user data or statistics. Personalized content is displayed as a notification or directly in the app.

How can Proximity Based Technology be used

We use proximity based technology and smart Beacons to push contextual information to the customer’s mobile device in your area.

Beacons are low energy Bluetooth transmitter which broadcasts tiny radio signals containing unique, location-specific data. Smartphones constantly scan for these signals. If they enter their Beacon radius, the App automatically responds.

The App provides location-based information like the current position on the map, text, images and videos. The visitor will receive this information instantly while he walks around the area.

Proximity Based Technology Use Cases

  • Real Estate Developments
  • Events & Concerts
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Malls
  • Museums
  • Parks

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Real Estate Development

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