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Interactive Touchscreen Game – AbbVie Pharmaceuticals

Technology: Touch Technology

ECHT developed an interactive touchscreen application for visitors at an event aimed at informing and raising awareness about a skin disease. The objective of the game was to provide a fun and engaging way for doctors to gain deeper knowledge about the disease and its treatments.

The game followed the story of a patient named Majed, who had moderate to severe psoriatic symptoms and desired to go to the beach. At each stage, players were presented with a picture of Majed’s current skin condition and a question about treatment options. For each correct answer, Majed moved closer to the beach, visually demonstrating the positive effects of proper treatment.

The interactive game was an engaging and effective method for conveying crucial information about the disease and its treatment. It was well received by medical professionals and received commendations for its efforts in raising awareness through its unique approach.

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