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Interactive & Contactless Media Station

Asics Store Concept

The Interactive & Contactless Media Station allows visitors to control information on a screen in a store or event. Visitors scan a QR code with their mobile device and start interacting with the content (pictures, videos and 3D objects) on the screen. This concept ensures health and safety precautions as visitors use their own phone to control.

In-Store Screen

Interactive & Contactless Media Station

The user controls the screen only until another person scans the QR code. If the user leaves the store or area or the app is inactive for a few minutes, the media station will revert to the idle screen to prevent further remote control. New visitors can simply scan the QR code and take control. We developed an interactive Web App for quick on-boarding, so there is no download or installation required on the mobile device.

QR Poster, Web App & App Analytics

Interactive & Contactless Media Station

By integrating our analytics engine, we can provide in-depth user information on the usage of the app.

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