Social Reality

What is Social reality

Social reality is the process of easily engaging groups of people through technology without the need for third party applications, plugins and platforms. All people need is their smartphone.

How can Social Reality be used

We can provide a web application, where visitors at the event can interact, collaborate or share any content in real-time. The content can be displayed on multiple public screens, visible to everyone.

The user just needs to click on the event link on their phone and can start, without installing any software. If desired, we can add a customized registration or social login (Facebook, Google or similar). This data can be collected and analyzed.

We can integrate Artificial Intelligence modules to improve the user experience, like real-time language translation, sentence sentiment, photo editing, image recognition and much more.

Social collaboration examples include real time mini games, drawing and photo sharing on giant screens at events.

Social Reality Use Cases

  • Events & Concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade Shows

Realtime Social Collaborate

Example: Scalable Interface

Example: Messages