Sony Mobile

Sony Xperia - Live Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) Game

The Communications Objective was to launch the new Sony mobile phone, Xperia Z Ultra, into a very competitive market here in the UAE, communicating its "Best of Sony" technology to consumers and helping to drive in store purchases. The Marketing Objective was to create awareness of Xperia Z ultra, increasing preference by engaging consumers in an exciting way, contributing to a sales target increase of 35% in the UAE during August.

The insight was to use the best of Sony technology during the phone's launch, bringing to life the new Xperia Z Ultra's features. The ideas was a custom made augmented reality activation in Mall of the Emirates. Consumers would play the game on a large Sony Bravia screen, using the latest AR technology, with the Xperia Z Ultra acting as the controller!

There were two KPIs for the activation, engagement (game plays) from the consumer, and unit sales. A total of 3,068 registered games was played by unique individuals. 67 participants directly bought the Xperia Z handset after participating in the activation from Jumbo Electronics - worth approx. AED 200,000. This translated into a sales increase of 86% during the 10 days of the activation versus the previous 10 days in the Mall of the Emirates.

The activation showcased the phone's cutting edge Sony technology in a fun, vibrant and entertaining manner, with the consumer right at the center of the action. The consumer, using the Xperia Z Ultra as a controller, could witness the fantastic game play experience that the phone offers.