The Car Lover's Lie Detector

In order to maintain and strengthen recognition of HSBC's position as the go-to provider for Car Loans, HSBC wanted something fresh and exciting to create a buzz and stay in the forefront of the car-buying public minds.

The solution was to create a highly engaging, interactive and fresh way to tell customers about the HSBC car loan in Ramadan. It was time for every car owners think about their relationship with their current car and be true to themselves.

The Car Lover's Lie Detector Test challenged people's love for their current car, questioning whether they still really love it, or whether it's time for a new one? On a stand designed like a modern interrogation room, complete with one-way window, people were connected to a digital lie detector and had to answer intimate questions such as 'Do you ever stare at other cars?' or 'Do you treat your car well?'

Are you brave enough to take the challenge...?

Results and Effectiveness

The activation generated over 1200 new leads in 2 weeks. The cost per lead went almost 50% down, compared to a previous campaign and this was another measure of how successful the campaign was.

internet-of-things  The Car Lover's Lie Detector